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South Africa: Booze-ban sees pineapple prices increase by 74%
“Pineapple prices increased significantly,” said Johnny van der Merwe, the managing director of Agrimark Trends. This increase is credited to the alcohol bans. Pineapple prices increased by 74% at R7.32 per kilogram, week-on-week, volumes sold increased by 27% week-on-week.

This increase is likely because some South Africans have decided to become home-brewers, utilizing the high yeast and sugary advantages of the pineapple to make alcoholic drinks.

Banana prices shot up by 11% to R7.37 per kilogram, apples steadied down and decreased to R6.77 per kilogram, while oranges took us on a whirlwind and increased to R3.09 per kilogram.

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